Winter Weather Fluctuations

The North East coast was hit by a “snow bomb” which dropped more than two feet of snow in my backyard.

Boston Icy Waters 1/8/2017

Boston Icy Waters 1.8.2018

The Boston Harbor  and surrounding water channels were uneven sheets of ice.

Then, a rapid warming over a few days  melted everything.

Yesterday, the temperature rose to a balmy 50 degrees at 10am but by noon, it had dropped to 20 degrees.

To cheer myself up, I folded a blue Origami Dinosasur.  Thank goodness it was an easy model.

Blue Origami Dino 1.15.2018

Blue Origami Dino 1.15.2018

My fingers and hands were stiff and clumsy.

Each Origami model I tried to fold resulted in a disaster.

Perhaps  I can blame it on these crazy winter weather fluctuations.



My first paper folds

Greetings – This is a blog to record how I learn to fold paper.

I’ve always admired the work of origami artists and wanted to learn to fold.  Yesterday, I attended OrigaMIT 2016, an annual origami convention at MIT.

It was wonderful and I was inspired to try my hand at folding.  The photo is a dinosaur I folded with lots of help for other class participants and under the excellent instruction of Jason Ku at the convention.


Dinosaur. 11.12.2016