Boston HarborWalk

If you visit Boston, check out the Boston HarborWalk.  This walkway runs around the Boston Harbor and beyond.

You can walk by piers, wharves, beaches and shorelines.  There are even free walking tours offered throughout the year.

Saturday was a lovely morning for a Boston HarborWalk on the North End.  An unseasonably warm 50 degree day, it was perfect for walking.

Here are a couple of snapshots taken that day.

Our tour guide was excellent.  Leaving from the Long Wharf Marriott, we walked all the way to the little Maritime Museum near the Coast Guard.

When I passed a dolphin sculpture on my way to the meeting point, it inspired me to fold this Money Dolphin designed by Jeremy Shafer.


Timeboxed Morning

Origami Dollar Bill Box. 2.25.2017.

Dollar Bill Box. 2.25.2017

Alarm rang.
  Rolled out of bed.
    Folded Box rapidly.
      Shed bed-wear.
        Jumped into the shower.
          Lathered profusely.
              and half towel dried.
              Grabbed garments from the closet.
               Clothed bulk with fabric.
                 Glanced at mismatched socked feet  —    maybe no one will notice.
                    Shoved into muddy shoes.
                       Gulped yesterday’s Joe.
                         Swiped toothpaste laden brush onto teeth.
                          Fleeting reflected forced grin.
                            Frantic search for hat and gloves; found!
                               Arms shoved into big red coat’s sleeves.
                                 Gathered whatnots.
                                   Thrown into knapsack.
                                     Slung across shoulder.
                                       Keys? Train ticket?  Got cell?
                                        Time?  2 to 7.
                                         Out the door, locked.

Owl and Mouse Discourse

Said the Owl to the Mouse, “Come closer my dear.”
“My eyes aren’t what they used to be.”
Said the Mouse to the Owl, “Some distance is best.”

“Or, I fear you’ll gobble up me.”

Dollar Bill Owl. 2.22.2017

Dollar Bill Owl. 2.22.2017

Owl and Mouse. 2.22.2017.

Owl and Mouse. 2.22.2017.

Origami Money Owl designed by Chelsea C.  Instructions here.

Crane Museum of Papermaking

I’ve just recalled driving through Western Massachusetts, when I happened upon the Crane Museum of Papermaking. Of course I was curious and stopped for a visit.

The museum itself is located in the Crane Company’s 1844 old stone mill on the banks of the Housatonic River.  As stated on their website, the company was founded in 1770 and is the oldest papermaking company in America.

What surprised me most was that the Crane Company produces currency and security papers for the US Treasury.

So, the paper for the dollar bills I am folding could come from the Crane Company since they are the predominant supplier.

This morning, I folded a Money Tree Frog with a US dollar bill and thought about the paper as I progressed with the model.

Money Tree Frog 2.21.2017

Money Tree Frog 2.21.2017

There were a lot of valleys and mountain folds to make as you can see in the frog’s legs.

I didn’t quite understand how to form the frog’s toes.  I also found the final folding of the frog’s body difficult.

“Maybe with a larger sheet of paper, I will get it,” I thought.

Insomnia…one butterfly…two butterflies…

Woke up at 2:00am…could not sleep…all achy…I think I’m coming down with something. Thought of counting butterflies -which did not work.

Found instructions on folding a money butterfly on YouTube and did that.  My folds don’t look like a butterfly…more like a crotchety old moth.  I drew some antennae to animate the insect.

Money Butterfly 2.20.2017

Money Butterfly 2.20.2017

Yesterday, at noon, my sister called to tell me it was a beautiful day.  I had no energy to go outside and spent the entire day moping around inside.

I did nothing…well, I did fold something and cannot even remember what it was.  Not a total loss of a day.

Not even morning yet.  Maybe I’ll do some software testing to make use of the time.

Definitely, a bug (no pun intended) with my aches and pains.  Don’t want anyone to catch what I may be getting…not much good for anything today.

By-the-way, someone mentioned on the OrigamiUSA email list that NOVA has a free channel on YouTube where you can watch “The Origami Revolution.”

Here it is if you can’t access the PBS link link sent earlier: <>.  I don’t know how long the episode will be available so see it soon.

Experimenting with Folding Money

I continue to be intrigued with folding dollar bills.  It is something about how the paper feels in ones fingers.

This peacock turned out alright but the print distracted from the shape.  The peacock instructions were for a rectangular piece of paper so this worked for the dollar bill.

Money Peacock. 2.19.2017.

Money Peacock. 2.19.2017.

This morning, I must have wasted two hours experimenting (quite unsuccessfully) with trying to fold a dollar bill using different models requiring square papers.

Perhaps if I modify the design, I will get the desired result…I’ll keep trying.

NOVA’s “The Origami Revolution” – Watch free online at PBS (until 3/1/2017)

Have you seen NOVA’s “The Origami Revolution”?  It is a fascinating episode. Watch it free on PBS online until 3/1/2017:

Enjoy the slow motion, close-up of a ladybug expanding her wings before she takes flight. In another segment, gasp at the fast-speed video of an opening flower which was beautiful.  I could only watch in amazement at how similar this all looked to folding.

“Nature does this all the time,” says Eric Demaine, MIT Professor.

The world of Origami is opening up for me. I could never have imagined the intersection of origami, mathematics, and science.

Oh, I folded a Dollar Origami Dragon Boat today.  It is so simple and child-like compared to the complex mathematical computations and folding being performed by those in the NOVA video.

Dollar Bill Dragon Boat. 2.18.2017.

Dollar Bill Dragon Boat. 2.18.2017.