Spring Plantings

We gathered on Saturday, a community determined to garden.

Rows of green spades waiting their turn, to be grasp and thrust into the ground.  Hard earth, not yet moist and soft with Spring rains, challenged us.

Barrels of water  were available for thirsty plants and fertilizer to nourish them.

Small lingering snow drifts in garden bed corners and a chilly breeze overhead did not deter us.

Origami Narcissus

Narcissus, daffodils, tulips, and seeds from last year’s marigolds were mingled with others.

Some of us dug holes, others planted flowers and seeds or added water and fertilizer.

Children were delighted by the colorful plants and eager to help.

Soon, their tiny hands and faces would be muddied with dirt in their gardening effort.

In no time, our planting was completed.

We collected our tools, smiling in anticipation of the summer perennials and the annuals we would enjoy later that year.

A happy thought after a long New England winter.  I folded this Narcissus flower the next day.



Visit the Arnold Arboretum – a Living Museum, Boston, MA

The Arnold Arboretum, Jamaica Plain, Boston, is an explosion of color in May and June.

It is a living museum with collections of trees, bushes, shrubs and roses from all over the world.


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As you stroll along the paths, be surprised by the vistas around each corner.

Origami Dragonfly 6.26.2017

Origami Dragonfly 6.26.2017

Listen to the cacophony of birds especially in the early morning.

Be encircled by iridescent dragonflies darting in and out of the marshy areas.

Enjoy the fresh, crisp air.

Sit on a bench.  Relax and absorb the magnificent landscape.

Seashells 6.14.2017

Summer Visitor

Annoying noise on the table.  Abbreviated gyrations.  Receipt of a text message.

Pleasantries from New York City followed by a request and an invitation.

Seahorse 6.4.2017

Seahorse 6.4.2017

A friend needs a place to stay overnight.

She will miss the last ferry to Martha’s Vineyard.  Plans to open her island house for the summer.  Why don’t I join her for the weekend?   Is it June already?

I love the Vineyard and the sea.  But, I’m exhausted from work and the last weekend activities.

Affirmative response to the request and negative one for the invitation.

That night, my dreams are filled with the sound of waves, silvery fish, seahorses, the warmth of the sun, a beach and seashells.

It’s late when she arrives on Friday evening.  Gift of lovely white roses.

White Roses 6.4.2017

White Roses 6.4.2017

We chat: her son’s graduation, relationship with her husband and his Indian family, the Martha’s Vineyard house, her new job.  I complain about the usual.

We’re up early the next morning, she to catch the ferry at Woods Hole, me for my weekly swim at the Y.

I navigate as she hastily drives through Harvard Square then on to Central Square.

“How pretty Cambridge is,” she remarks.

She drops me off at the YMCA and I watch the back of her car disappear down Massachusetts Avenue.

Dahlia 5.27.2017

Flowers, flowers everywhere!

Hurrah, summer is around the corner and flowers are blooming everywhere in Cambridge and Boston!  Spring was so brief…a few sunny days and lots of rain.

Dahlia 5.27.2017

Dahlia 5.27.2017

This Origami Dahlia required a lot of squash folds and even cutting of the paper to round out the design at the beginning.

Origami serves as a mood elevator, just like music.  But, I have neglected it for the past couple of weeks.

Every time I fold, I have better concentration, become more focused and aware.  Shapes and colors pop out all around me.   It is truly amazing.

Here are some lovely flowers seen on my way to work.  I promise myself to return to folding on a more regular basis.

More action, a Diamond Rose Square Jumper

This Diamond Rose Square Jumper is another Origami action design.   Recently, I’ve developed a fascination with Origami models which move.  The one folded here is rather simple.

We can see from the photo that the image is a square pink rose.  The paper is folded into a square-diamond and then twisted counterclockwise while pushing down on the center.

Diamond Rose Square Jumper 4.19.2017

Diamond Rose Square Jumper 4.19.2017

The action comes from the twisted paper fibers which spring back into their folded shape.

DiamondRoseSquareJumper2 4.19.2017

To see the action, push down on a petal on either side of the rose at the same time.  Then, simultaneously, release your hold.  The rose will jump up.

There are some very complex Origami action designs which require hundreds of steps. You can purchase a number of  books specifically on these types of models.

Why don’t you try your hand with some free online action Origami diagrams?