Another wonderfully easy model to fold today.  This is a cicada.  It’s great that so many free designs are posted on the web.  I found this traditional design on the website:  There are a lot of other easy or intermediate animal designs listed as well.

Cicada. 11.28.2016

Cicada. 11.28.2016

Perhaps next month, I should challenge myself to fold animals – of course, the easy ones and maybe a few of the intermediate level folds.

Yesterday, WordPress sent me a link to Blogging University  This was a fascinating site and had lots of courses along with free ebooks.  I enrolled in the basic blogging course “Blogging: Fundamentals” – a 14-day course and have already completed the first assignment which was to start my blog.  I wish I had enrolled immediately after creating Myfolds as I stumbled around a lot when I started this blog.