OrigamiUSA 2018, Anticipation

Paper folders everywhere!  Yes, the OrigamiUSA 2018 Convention began yesterday.  I was so excited to travel to St. John’s University in Queens, New York for my first Origami Convention.

Before going to the Convention, I resolved to get together with a number of friends in New York City.  I traveled by bus from Boston’s South Station to New York City’s Port Authority.

On arrival, I took the shuttle to the East Side and lunched with a colleague, whom at I had not seen in years, at Grand Central’s Oyster Bar.

Oyster Bar, Grand Central, NYC - 6.21.2018

Oyster Bar, Grand Central, NYC  6.21.2018

I’ve always loved the setting of the Oyster Bar with its scrumptious sea food, Guastivano tiled ceiling and festive lighting.

Then, I took the shuttle back to the West Side and checked into the economical, spartan but clean and safe West Side YMCA.  Together with a college friend, who was also visiting New York, we strolled across Central Park to the Metropolitan Museum of Art to see a special exhibit of Mexican Art, returning to the West Side to dine at the excellent Jazz supper club, Smoke.  A perfect day!

The next morning, I checked out of the Y and met my mentor from Columbia University days at a French bistro for a delicious brunch.  We caught up on our lives and laughed at past situations we experienced while catalogers in the basement of the University’s Butler Library.

St. John's University Gate, Queens, NY - 6.21.2018

St. John’s University Gate, Queens, NY 6.21.2018

By noon, I was on my way to Queens and St. John’s University.  Once there, I chuckled to see visitor golf carts shuttling Origami convention folks around campus just as our convention materials had promised.

Dorms were at one end of the campus, hospitality center with folding classrooms in another building and the Origami exhibition with sales in yet another building.  It was a bit if a hike getting from place to place.

Once settled into the monastic dorm room, I met up with some folders and walked to the hospitality center to register.  Everyone was folding something at large tables after they registered and eagerly chatting with one another.

Convention 2018 Badge

Convention 2018 Badge

The attendees were so warm and receptive!  Anticipation was growing, as I perused through the registration materials and introduced myself to other folders as a “First Timer” at the convention.

One folder introduced herself and immediately showed me how to fold a flapping bird.

Flapping Bird 6.21.2018

Origami Flapping Bird 6.21.2018


I wondered if I would ever be good enough to design my own Origami models and exhibit them.

A short walk to the dining hall for the evening meal, then back to the dorms to get ready for bed.

I eagerly looked forward to the folding classes tomorrow as I drifted off to sleep.




MIT’s Scratch – A Fun Online Project!

MIT’s Scratch is great fun!   It is a free online project designed by the Lifelong Kindergarten Group at the MIT Media Lab.

Log into this URL and create an account:    https://scratch.mit.edu

The Red Crane - MIT Scratch Project 11.25.2017

The Red Crane – MIT Scratch Project 11.25.2017


The Scratch program helps young people “learn to think creatively, reason systematically, and work collaboratively — essential skills for life in the 21st century.”

One can create stories, animation, games and share these with the Scratch online community.

After practicing with an initial test program “Getting Started,” I created my own 30 second animation called “The Red Crane” which was set to a free downloaded ringtone.

In this project, I folded an Origami Crane and took a photo with my cellphone at each fold then created an animation using the photos and the ringtone.


Check out my project and “Like” it please!


A Penguin for a Friend

Giant icicles hung from the Brewer bronze fountain in the Boston Public Garden.

The fountain’s seated Greek mythological figures were encased in ice while water continued to flow from it’s center.

A friend recently sent a photo of her origami penguin.  I was delighted to see it and promised to fold one too.

Origami Penguin 11.17.2017

Origami Penguin 11.17.2017

Yes, it is cold enough now to make an origami Penguin  – I present here my effort at folding this flightless avian.

The funny, side-to-side, waddling black-and-white bird always brings a smile to my face.

Burr…winter in New England will soon be here.

Peace Dove in Turbulent Times

Sudden death of a friend, major organization changes with departures at work and, upsetting family events all happened last week.

Peace Dove 7.16.2017

Peace Dove 7.16.2017

It shook me to the core. These are turbulent times.

Folding an Origami model was the last thing I felt like doing.

When I saw this fairly simple Peace Dove, I had to try it.

My dove looks sad rather than uplifting.  I don’t know why.

These days, I don’t even listen to national or world news because the stories can be so upsetting.

So what is one to do?