Crane in the New Year!

Oops…Ring in the New Year!

How appropriate that this last Toilegami post is of a crane.  Yes, the ubiquitous cane can be folded on a roll of toilet paper: <>.

Toilegami Crane. 1.1.2017

Toilegami Crane. 1.1.2017

While surfing the Internet, I stumbled across “Careers in Origami” by Robert J. Lang (The Fold; May-June, 2014).  It’s fascinating: <>  -not that I’m giving up my day job for Origami any time soon!

After reading the article, I joined OrigamiUSA as a New Year’s present to myself.  Looking forward to reading the myriad of articles on the website and downloading the free online diagrams.  Happy folding in 2017 everyone!


Fan and Potted Plant

Two Toilegami folds today are variations on a theme – a nod to a Brahms concert I listened to recently.  The theme is “Pleat Folds” which I used in a recent blog.

This time, two sheets of tissue are torn off.  The pleats are folded, alternating valley and mountains, on the sheets rather than on the roll.  Then, either the fan handle or pot is created followed by insertion of the pleats.

The fan <> is easier by far.  I spent too much time fiddling around with the pleats in the pot, trying to spread them evenly apart <>.

Something I realized was that the instructional videos used a plush toilet paper as opposed to my 1-ply roll.  Perhaps the folds and shape might hold better with heavier weight tissue.


Apologies for the vulgarity in advance dear reader…

Butt, when folding this sailboat, these lines pooped into my head:

                                                            A cute little boat I did fold,
                                                            from a large toilet paper roll;
                                                           The hull, the sail and the mast,
                                                           of tissue I knew would not last
                                                           being torn and wiped, I’m told.

Toilegami Sailboat. 12.30.2016.

Toilegami Sailboat. 12.30.2016.

When I was a child, Edward Lear’s A Book of Nonsense occupied a special place in my family’s household.  My father, who prided himself on being an orator, had memorized lots of limericks.

At night after dinner, he entertained us with Lear’s hilarious and frequently bawdy verses much to the chagrin of my mother.

Fold away:

Pleat Folds

I tried another Toilegami design today.   The clumsy, pleat folds below took me a good half hour to make.

Toilegami Pleat Fold. 12.29.2016.

Toilegami Pleat Folds. 12.29.2016.

“A useless meme?” I muttered to myself.  The more I reflected on the previous post the angrier I became.

Not only was folding toilet paper decorative, the skill could also result in a housekeeper earning a higher salary.  I was tempted to purchase Toilet Paper Origami on a Roll but managed to resist it for now.

Why don’t you try making this tricky tissue flourish?


A form of a “useless meme,” according to Dr. Susan Blackmore, is Toilegami or Toilet Paper Origami.  

I don’t agree that folding toilet paper is “useless.” Perhaps the staff who fold these papers derive as much amusement as I did while folding the tree below.

Toilet Paper Tree. 12.28.2016.

Toilet Paper Tree. 12.28.2016.

If you are so inclined, more designs can be found here:

What is a meme?  Memes, Blackmore believes, is one of the human “universal purposes of life” – something which is evolving, replicating and spread among humans.

See the video “Genes, Memes and Tremes”