A Graceful Swan

The graceful swan appeared on Jerry’s Pond about a month ago.  That morning,


Swan near Jerry’s Pond

I watched as it glided silently through the water and slid onto the bank.

Then, the swan struck a pose so passersby could admire its beautiful feathers.

It seemed the ducks and  Canadian geese gave it a wide berth.

Looking for Origami swans online, I was surprised to find many different designs.

An easy set of Origami swan instructions, I mangled with a cartoonish elongated necked bird and hastily disposed of the paper creature.


Origami Swan 5.20.2018

Here is the result of another swan design which turned out rather clunky and almost cubist in shape.

Oh well…what can one expect…it has been ages since I folded.

I need a more work-life balance so I too can swim calmly  through the waters of life devoting more time to  learning Origami.


A Penguin for a Friend

Giant icicles hung from the Brewer bronze fountain in the Boston Public Garden.

The fountain’s seated Greek mythological figures were encased in ice while water continued to flow from it’s center.

A friend recently sent a photo of her origami penguin.  I was delighted to see it and promised to fold one too.

Origami Penguin 11.17.2017

Origami Penguin 11.17.2017

Yes, it is cold enough now to make an origami Penguin  – I present here my effort at folding this flightless avian.

The funny, side-to-side, waddling black-and-white bird always brings a smile to my face.

Burr…winter in New England will soon be here.

Peace Dove in Turbulent Times

Sudden death of a friend, major organization changes with departures at work and, upsetting family events all happened last week.

Peace Dove 7.16.2017

Peace Dove 7.16.2017

It shook me to the core. These are turbulent times.

Folding an Origami model was the last thing I felt like doing.

When I saw this fairly simple Peace Dove, I had to try it.

My dove looks sad rather than uplifting.  I don’t know why.

These days, I don’t even listen to national or world news because the stories can be so upsetting.

So what is one to do?

Father’s Day Tall Ships

Seagulls strut along the dock.  A ship’s horn scares them and they scatter to the heavens.

Boston Ferry 6.18.2017

Boston Ferry 6.18.2017

Seagull 6.18.2017

Origami Seagull 6.18.2017

Our ferry passes Tall Ships.  We gape at the size of their masts.

We are informed of each vessel’s country and specifics of the complex rigging.

Schooners and smaller craft sail by.

More than 40 Tall Ships, decorated with a multitude of colorful flags, were on parade yesterday.   Today, the Tall Ships are at rest, sails folded.

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It’s Father’s Day and I am now fatherless.  My dad, Errol, died over ten years ago.

Errol was larger than life…bigger than these Tall Ships in my eyes.  Brilliance and hard work led to a full life in Academia.

With my mother, he brought me and my siblings to North America via the Caribbean, Africa and England.

In New England, we would have opportunities not available to us in the British West Indies.

“You’ve had your father your whole adult life,” a friend consoled me at his memorial service.

I did not realize it at the time but she was right.  I am grateful for his life.




A Confession About Currency

Forgive me for I have sinned.  I’ve passed very crumpled US dollar bills to vendors.

I’ve told lies to cashiers about my non-existent teens who threw the bills into the wash.

Then, once a week, I’ve rushed to the bank to request the newest, flattest, smoothest dollar bills – of course to fold.  Well, no more.

Money Peacock. 3.18.2017.

Money Peacock. 3.18.2017.

While trolling YouTube, I found videos on how to restore dollar bills with moisture and ironing.

Since the bills are part cotton and linen, ironing them after wetting them a bit really flattens them.

This folded Peacock is an example of a recycled dollar bill from yesterday’s 2$ House.

Hence forth, I will humidify and iron the bills for Origami reuse or return to circulation.

This seems only fair – no more alternative truths.



Owl and Mouse Discourse

Said the Owl to the Mouse, “Come closer my dear.”
“My eyes aren’t what they used to be.”
Said the Mouse to the Owl, “Some distance is best.”

“Or, I fear you’ll gobble up me.”

Dollar Bill Owl. 2.22.2017

Dollar Bill Owl. 2.22.2017

Owl and Mouse. 2.22.2017.

Owl and Mouse. 2.22.2017.

Origami Money Owl designed by Chelsea C.  Instructions here.

Experimenting with Folding Money

I continue to be intrigued with folding dollar bills.  It is something about how the paper feels in ones fingers.

This peacock turned out alright but the print distracted from the shape.  The peacock instructions were for a rectangular piece of paper so this worked for the dollar bill.

Money Peacock. 2.19.2017.

Money Peacock. 2.19.2017.

This morning, I must have wasted two hours experimenting (quite unsuccessfully) with trying to fold a dollar bill using different models requiring square papers.

Perhaps if I modify the design, I will get the desired result…I’ll keep trying.