More action, a Diamond Rose Square Jumper

This Diamond Rose Square Jumper is another Origami action design.   Recently, I’ve developed a fascination with Origami models which move.  The one folded here is rather simple.

We can see from the photo that the image is a square pink rose.  The paper is folded into a square-diamond and then twisted counterclockwise while pushing down on the center.

Diamond Rose Square Jumper 4.19.2017

Diamond Rose Square Jumper 4.19.2017

The action comes from the twisted paper fibers which spring back into their folded shape.

DiamondRoseSquareJumper2 4.19.2017

To see the action, push down on a petal on either side of the rose at the same time.  Then, simultaneously, release your hold.  The rose will jump up.

There are some very complex Origami action designs which require hundreds of steps. You can purchase a number of  books specifically on these types of models.

Why don’t you try your hand with some free online action Origami diagrams?



One Comment

  1. You do create a variety of Folds. I hope yu are saving one copy of each . For instance I would like to see the rose ‘jump up’. Thanks for sharing. GHH



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