Star Wars Iconic Film Music

Boston Pops Laureate John William’s iconic 1977 Star Wars score links all the subsequent space opera films together.

Did you know that the score was selected as among the “Greatest American Film Scores of All Time” by the American Film Institute?

The Boston Pops will honor Maestro Williams, including an 85th birthday tribute this 2017 Spring season.  Williams will also be conducting a Film Night featuring his popular scores on Wednesday, May 31, 2017.

Star Wars TIE Fighters 4.3.2017

Star Wars TIE Fighters 4.3.2017

There are a lot of free diagrams and videos for folding Star Wars figures and space craft like these TIE Fighters on the Web.  The TIE stands for “twin ion engines” which propel the star fighters.

These dollar bill fighter jets are set against the Hubble Space Telescope’s photo of the constellation of Ursa Major.  Check out fantastic images of space on NASA’s Official Hubble website, especially the Nebulae.

For more fun watch Moleskine’s Star Wars Origami commercial on YouTube.


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