The Tax Man Cometh, $Katching$

The annual rite of preparing taxes is a dreaded task for most.  Receipts need to be gathered and organized, numbers totaled, forms completed and submitted.  One must take stock of one’s financial status – $dollars gained and then lost.

Origami Dollar Sign 4.2.2017

Origami Dollar Sign 4.2.2017

In 2016, I did it myself for the first time with the help of an online tax program and struggled all the way.   Let me tell you why.

Twenty years ago, New York City acquaintances quietly recommended a partnership of accountants to do my taxes.

This firm of “aggressive” tax gurus really looked out for the little guy and always figured out ways to get our earnings back from Uncle Sam.  I was amazed at the deductions they found and so pleased with the refunds.

Every tax season, hundreds of happy, patient filers would line the hallway in front of the financial geniuses’ office waiting for them to work their magic.  It was a sight to behold.

Then, a week before my visit to their office last year, a friend called with some disturbing news.  One accountant disappeared.  The other decided rather suddenly to focus his business on Bitcoin transactions but would honor the appointments for his clients that year.  Needless-to-say, I cancelled mine.

So here I am, facing the complexity of the tax code and innumerable forms.  Last year’s return resulted in hardly anything back from the Feds and practically nothing from the State.

Oh well, I do live in Massachusetts, or as residents say, the “Tax-achusetts” State.


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