March Hare or Rabbit?

A fluffy brown rabbit scampered across the footpath.

It turned to look at me, paused for a few seconds, flashed a Mona-Lisa smile – I swear – then slid under the fence around Russell’s Field.

“The first March hare,” I muttered.  “Or, maybe it was a rabbit. Yes, probably a rabbit.”


Money Rabbit 3.22.2017

I re-adjusted the straps on my knapsack and quickened my pace towards the Alwife train station.

Note to self:  Look up the difference between a hare and a rabbit on Wikipedia.

Maybe it is the ear length which distinguishes the two.

Rabbits flourished on the grassy field.  I doubt there were many predators keeping the population in check.

Cambridge would have to do something this year.

Last Fall, I could count 10 to 20 rabbits on the field as I walked to work in the mornings.  Clearly, they were multiplying.

The rabbits seemed unafraid of humans and only fled when unleashed canines appeared.

I snickered as I approached the station doors, ruminating on the phrase “Hare today and gone tomorrow.”


One Comment

  1. A neighbor here remarked that our formerly burgeoning rabbit population dropped after a fox was sighted in the vicinity. Hare definitely gone tomorrow!



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