A Confession About Currency

Forgive me for I have sinned.  I’ve passed very crumpled US dollar bills to vendors.

I’ve told lies to cashiers about my non-existent teens who threw the bills into the wash.

Then, once a week, I’ve rushed to the bank to request the newest, flattest, smoothest dollar bills – of course to fold.  Well, no more.

Money Peacock. 3.18.2017.

Money Peacock. 3.18.2017.

While trolling YouTube, I found videos on how to restore dollar bills with moisture and ironing.

Since the bills are part cotton and linen, ironing them after wetting them a bit really flattens them.

This folded Peacock is an example of a recycled dollar bill from yesterday’s 2$ House.

Hence forth, I will humidify and iron the bills for Origami reuse or return to circulation.

This seems only fair – no more alternative truths.




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