$2 House

The cellphone buzzed.  It buzzed again.

Jolted from a deep sleep, I reached out to its general location on the bedside table.  Then, fumbling around for a few seconds, my fingers grasped the device.

“Hello”, I groggily answered.

“It’s me, Peggy,” an excited voice replied. “I bought a house in Vermont.”

“You did what?” I asked. By this time I was fully awake.

2$House. 3.17.2017

2$House. 3.17.2017

She repeated her answer and proceeded to explain how a sudden windfall from a relative’s estate led to this new purchase.

“The house called to me,” Peggy excitedly recounted.

A realtor sent her a binder with listings of New England homes for sale.  A sprawling 19th century converted carriage house-barn jumped out at her from the pages.  Up to Vermont she went and immediately decided to buy it.

Peggy had a knack for finding rundown old homes with good bones and restoring them spectacularly on a shoe string budget.

“Are you leaving Boston?” I asked.

“Nope, my daughter will move in.” She responded. “Besides, Vermont is gorgeous in the summer and I can escape the city’s heat.”

I congratulated her on her new home, hung up the phone then couldn’t get back to sleep.  So, I folded this $2 dollar house from two single dollar bills, got dressed and left for work.


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