Inexpensive attire…One dollar dress

Can you make a dress for one dollar?  Well, here is an example of a folded one dollar dress.

One Dollar Dress. 3.2.2017

One Dollar Dress. 3.2.2017

I really did not feel like folding this morning.  This seemed the easiest model to do.  My fingers felt like claws – nothing would fold correctly…neither the collar nor the skirt.

But, I suppose the dress would have looked equally as lopsided if I had actually sewn it on a machine or by hand.

One nice thing, John Montroll’s Dollar Bill Origami book arrived in the mail.  I’m excited to try the designs in this collection.

It is always so much harder to follow the drawings in a book than watch a video.  It is like learning to read again – only reading origami instructions.  I’m glad he has identified the levels of difficulty for each design.



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