Timeboxed Morning

Origami Dollar Bill Box. 2.25.2017.

Dollar Bill Box. 2.25.2017

Alarm rang.
  Rolled out of bed.
    Folded Box rapidly.
      Shed bed-wear.
        Jumped into the shower.
          Lathered profusely.
              and half towel dried.
              Grabbed garments from the closet.
               Clothed bulk with fabric.
                 Glanced at mismatched socked feet  —    maybe no one will notice.
                    Shoved into muddy shoes.
                       Gulped yesterday’s Joe.
                         Swiped toothpaste laden brush onto teeth.
                          Fleeting reflected forced grin.
                            Frantic search for hat and gloves; found!
                               Arms shoved into big red coat’s sleeves.
                                 Gathered whatnots.
                                   Thrown into knapsack.
                                     Slung across shoulder.
                                       Keys? Train ticket?  Got cell?
                                        Time?  2 to 7.
                                         Out the door, locked.


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