Crane Museum of Papermaking

I’ve just recalled driving through Western Massachusetts, when I happened upon the Crane Museum of Papermaking. Of course I was curious and stopped for a visit.

The museum itself is located in the Crane Company’s 1844 old stone mill on the banks of the Housatonic River.  As stated on their website, the company was founded in 1770 and is the oldest papermaking company in America.

What surprised me most was that the Crane Company produces currency and security papers for the US Treasury.

So, the paper for the dollar bills I am folding could come from the Crane Company since they are the predominant supplier.

This morning, I folded a Money Tree Frog with a US dollar bill and thought about the paper as I progressed with the model.

Money Tree Frog 2.21.2017

Money Tree Frog 2.21.2017

There were a lot of valleys and mountain folds to make as you can see in the frog’s legs.

I didn’t quite understand how to form the frog’s toes.  I also found the final folding of the frog’s body difficult.

“Maybe with a larger sheet of paper, I will get it,” I thought.


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