Insomnia…one butterfly…two butterflies…

Woke up at 2:00am…could not sleep…all achy…I think I’m coming down with something. Thought of counting butterflies -which did not work.

Found instructions on folding a money butterfly on YouTube and did that.  My folds don’t look like a butterfly…more like a crotchety old moth.  I drew some antennae to animate the insect.

Money Butterfly 2.20.2017

Money Butterfly 2.20.2017

Yesterday, at noon, my sister called to tell me it was a beautiful day.  I had no energy to go outside and spent the entire day moping around inside.

I did nothing…well, I did fold something and cannot even remember what it was.  Not a total loss of a day.

Not even morning yet.  Maybe I’ll do some software testing to make use of the time.

Definitely, a bug (no pun intended) with my aches and pains.  Don’t want anyone to catch what I may be getting…not much good for anything today.

By-the-way, someone mentioned on the OrigamiUSA email list that NOVA has a free channel on YouTube where you can watch “The Origami Revolution.”

Here it is if you can’t access the PBS link link sent earlier: <>.  I don’t know how long the episode will be available so see it soon.



  1. I like the butterfly/moth. It looks quite realistic with the antennae. Remember the eyes added to the Holland America cruise ship towel-folded elephant and rabbit? They really add to the cuteness factor.

    BTW, proof the last blog entry. There are a few typos, which distract from your witty text.



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