Experimenting with Folding Money

I continue to be intrigued with folding dollar bills.  It is something about how the paper feels in ones fingers.

This peacock turned out alright but the print distracted from the shape.  The peacock instructions were for a rectangular piece of paper so this worked for the dollar bill.

Money Peacock. 2.19.2017.

Money Peacock. 2.19.2017.

This morning, I must have wasted two hours experimenting (quite unsuccessfully) with trying to fold a dollar bill using different models requiring square papers.

Perhaps if I modify the design, I will get the desired result…I’ll keep trying.



  1. This peacock and the dollar bill heart you made look great! I’d seen a few pictures online but didn’t know dollar bill origami was such a popular thing! I just googled it and found such cute designs, especially the dollar bill fish.
    Can’t wait to see what else you make with dollar bills!



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