Better with Practice, Rooster 2

The Origami Rooster was much better this time.  The head, beak and crest looked a tiny bit more like the model.

Rooster 2. 2.13.2017.

Rooster 2. 2.13.2017.

Using a two-colored paper highlighted imperfections in folds and lack of precision.

The legs should be straight points…the tail feathers fluffier.

But overall, I am pleased with my improvements.

The only reason I could spend close to two hours folding this model…very, very, s-l-o-w-l-y was because we have a snow day…another foot of snow…and I did not have to commute two hours to work.

Yet, I have to work remotely.  Maybe I’ll take a walk in the snow later this afternoon during lunch.


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