New Beginnings, Origami Rooster

January was rather hellish…for over a month I have not folded when I should have for peace of mind.

This Origami Rooster was posted on Russell’s Origami Expressions blog and I could not resist attempting to fold it.



It was extremely challenging for me and looks nothing like the lovely model he folded.

More attention to the beak and comb, tighter folds on the feet.

The rooster really has a wonderful three-dimensional look to it, especially the tail feathers.  Can you see from this side angle the ruffle of the feathers?

I will fold it again, this time with Origami paper rather than the practice white paper.

Hopefully, with practice, it will look better.



One Comment

  1. Thanks for those kind words! I like your Rooster, I think it looks great particularly the tail feathers. Well done!

    Glad to see you’re back posting again and I hope the rest of your year is better than how it started.




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