Crane in the New Year!

Oops…Ring in the New Year!

How appropriate that this last Toilegami post is of a crane.  Yes, the ubiquitous cane can be folded on a roll of toilet paper: <>.

Toilegami Crane. 1.1.2017

Toilegami Crane. 1.1.2017

While surfing the Internet, I stumbled across “Careers in Origami” by Robert J. Lang (The Fold; May-June, 2014).  It’s fascinating: <>  -not that I’m giving up my day job for Origami any time soon!

After reading the article, I joined OrigamiUSA as a New Year’s present to myself.  Looking forward to reading the myriad of articles on the website and downloading the free online diagrams.  Happy folding in 2017 everyone!



  1. So glad you joined OrigamiUSA. I went to the convention last year and really enjoyed it (you can find a post about it on my blog). I would really encourage you to attend it this year if you can.



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