Can you hear the Frog croaking?  This amphibian model is quite realistic.

Frog. 12.13.2016.

Frog. 12.13.2016.


In Taro’s 365, the folds identified in this model are:  Book, Diagonal, Kite, Square Base, Squash, Inside Reverse Fold, Petal and Frog Base.

The Frog Base and Inside Reverse Folds were the toughest folds.  In fact, the frog’s limbs were supposed to have 12 Inside Reverse folds but, I cheated a bit and just bent the frog’s legs since that was easier.

This was a more complex model than the Jumping Frog from an earlier post.  Also, you had to blow from the frog’s end to puff the model up.


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