Last night, I struggled to fold this purple Iris.  It was the first fold I attempted in Taro’s Origami 365.   But, I could not get past step 5 – a squash fold leading to a flower base.  Very upset and tired, I slid the purple, semi-folded paper into the book and went to sleep.

Iris. 12.10.2016

Iris. 12.10.2016

When I woke up, I picked up the purple folds, studied the diagrams in the book and managed to complete the Iris!  The petals were created by winding the paper around a pencil.  Spend an extra minute pressing the model tightly before curling the petals.

Taro focuses on the bases to create models in this book.  So, it was the flower base and frog base which I found difficult.  Practice!  That was the solution – and resulted in my folding four more Irises.

How to display the Iris?  A green twisty…the kind with thin wire used to close garbage bags…and a pin would make a nice stem!

I poked a hole in the bottom of each flower with the pin, then slid the green twisty through the stamen and bound the newly created stems together with another twisty.  The Origami Irises certainly brightened up my bedroom.


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