Jumping Frog

Of all the Origami designs, I love animal shapes.  Maybe it is because the paper folds make the animals come alive.  Today’s simple fold is an easy traditional Jumping Frog in orange paper.  If you press the dense folded back of the frog, it does jump!

Jumping Frog. 12.8.2016.

Jumping Frog. 12.8.2016.

In truth, I tried to fold the lovely green frog design pictured on the cover of Taro’s Origami Studio Origami 365 kit without success.

Origami 365 Kit. 12.8.2016.

Origami 365 Kit. 12.8.2016.

Feeling quite discouraged, I sought a simple Origami frog on YouTube and was happy when I found, then folded the Jumping Frog today: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uj5t4klo-SA

My sister reminded me that it was she who gave me the first Origami book.  For my birthday a few days ago, I received Taro’s kit from her and was very excited to try the designs.  Perhaps I just need more time and practice.

Below are two photos of towels folded in a rabbit and elephant shape.  My sister sent the photos to me with permission to post them on this blog. Every night, on her Holland America Alaska cruise, the staff would fold the towels into shapes and place them on her bed.  Aren’t these terrific?


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