Star Box

Today, I had an epiphany as I struggled with this Star Box design.  If the folding directions are not clear, find other directions for the design somewhere else and keep going!

My book, “Traditional Japanese Origami,” had simple directions for the Star Box but I just did not understand the instructions.  In particular, it was the squashing of the folds.  So after one hour of struggling with the red square paper, I googled “Star Box Origami” and found the website “Origami Way”:

But again, I struggled with comprehending the “Origami Way” steps to fold the Star Box.  Why was I so daft that I couldn’t understand the instructions? Ok, I resolved to google the design one last time and found the YouTube video: How to Make an Origami Star Box

Within minutes of watching the video, I had folded the red square of paper into a Star Box!  Then, I folded a blue Star Box.  Slowing down the video to half speed and turning off the sound reduced the stress of folding considerably and I folded a green Star Box successfully.

Star Boxes. 11.27.2016

Star Boxes. 11.27.2016


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