Water Balloons

What fun this was!  I folded these two water balloons this morning.  This simple design for “Inflatable Origami Water Balloons” is on the Internet. There was even a video.  http://www.origami-instructions.com/origami-water-balloon.html

The online instructions were quite good – though sometimes, it was assumed you knew to turn the design over before folding each of the corners upwards.

Water Balloons 11.24.2016

Water Balloons 11.24.2016

Then as instructed, I blew air into both finished designs then filled one balloon with water – perhaps too much because it fell apart.  So, I filled the second balloon with just a little water and it indeed became a water balloon for a few minutes before the paper began to dissolve.  This would be great for kids to learn and just at my folding level.



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