Fox Head

This was a challenge folding the fox’s head.  You need to keep your eyes half closed and imagine the large ears of the fox and elongated, half open snout.  Can you see it if you squint?

Fox Head 11.18.2016

Fox Head 11.18.2016

Yesterday, I had an extraordinary experience as I rushed to work.  I was late leaving home because I folded in the morning.  Usually, I am oblivious to whatever is around me as I rush to catch one of three trains.  But yesterday was different.

Suddenly, I saw geometric shapes everywhere!  Squares, rectangles, triangles and circles were superimposed on houses, rubber walking mats, streets, cars – everywhere I looked I saw shapes and folds.  Even in nature – I saw the patterning of a group of late Fall flowers.  It was like seeing for the very first time all shapes and forms.  This has stayed with me since yesterday – is this the result of folding daily?  See some quick snaps below.



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